Ninja is one of the biggest names in streaming right now. The Twitch mainstay made a name for himself through his Fortnite streaming sessions, notably attracting a group game with Drake and Travis Scott in tow last year. Despite his success with Twitch, Ninja announced on Thursday that he will now be streaming exclusively on Microsoft's competitor to Twitch, Mixer.

In a video he tweeted to his 4.6 million followers, Ninja revealed the move in a faux press conference. "It's the same me, just a different platform," he explained in the video. Microsoft likely paid a lot of money for the deal, but as of right now the details remain vague. In a follow-up video, Ninja addressed his fans directly. "I've been holding onto this for quite some time," Ninja said. "I feel like I'm going to get back to the streaming roots."

It remains to be seen how Ninja on Mixer will differ from Ninja on Twitch, but it's worth noting, like The Verge pointed out, that there's only 69,000 or so streamers on Mixer and over 1.5 million on Twitch. Understandably, fans and industry peers have a lot of thoughts on the situation, with YouTuber Philip DeFranco calling it a "smart" move.

Check out some of the reactions below.