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Darkseid will be featured in DC's upcoming New Gods film, according to director Ava DuVernay

The intergalactic Big Bad hasn't made an appearance in the DC movie universe, in spite of his outsized status in the actual comics. DuVernay said that changes with her, thanks in part to a script co-written by DuVernay and recent Eisner Award Winner Tom King. 

For the uninitiated, Darkseid is a villain that served as the perfect bad guy for comics legend Jack Kirby's spaced-out cosmological era at DC. The man behind the New Gods (and co-creator of the Avengers) created lavish stories that rendered the endless expanse of space in a kaleidoscope of psychedelic colors with cinematic and outlandish villains to match. While Darkseid's clout weighs as much as a black hole in the DC Comics world, an audience of newcomers could easily see Darkseid as a Thanos rip off. 

As Deadline points out, both villains have plans to destroy a significant portion of life in the universe and have an otherworldly skin tone. Without the knowledge that Darkseid predates Marvel's Thanos by nearly half a decade, the step-sibling studio of superhero cinema is teed up to get absolutely clowned for being a copycat.

Of course, DC has some if the best minds on the problem in King and DuVernay.