Fresh off the $1.15 billion he (and a bunch of other people) made for Warner Bros. in 2018's Aquaman, Jason Momoa is set to produce and star in a Netflix-original revenge thriller titled Sweet Girl.

According to Variety, Momoa is set to play a husband who intends to enact vengeance upon those responsible for the death of his wife. Simultaneously, he'll also be protecting his daughter.

The script was put together by co-writers Gregg Hurwitz and Philip Eisner, and it's currently being revised by writer Will Staples. Variety adds that the movie will be the feature directorial debut of one Brian Andrew Mendoza, which is notable since Mendoza previously worked with Momoa on the 2018 action thriller Braven, as well as the Discovery Canada historical period drama series Frontier.

“I’m excited to partner with Netflix once again,” Momoa said in a statement. “I’m putting a dream team together from Brad and Jeff to my best friend, Brian, who has been my partner for over 10 years. It’s a dream come true to collaborate with him and deliver his vision."

In addition to Aquaman, which brought in $1.148 billion at the worldwide box office (sorry for rounding up before), Momoa also reprised that role in Lego form in February 2019's The Lego Movie 2. In addition to that he will also appear in the 2020 science fiction film Dune, which is based on the mid-'60s Frank Herbert novel of the same name.