YouTuber Jake Paul, not to be confused with his notorious brother Logan who filmed a dead body and put it online, is all about the clicks. Known for his obnoxious stunts and his legions of fans, Paul had his wedding to fellow YouTuber Tana Mongeau on Sunday (July 28). While there's been some speculation as to whether the pair are actually married or not, there's little doubt some aspects of the wedding, which was streamed online for $50, were staged for entertainment purposes.

The couple said their vows to each other when they were seemingly attacked by someone in attendance. The person in question throws a glass of change at the pair, which quickly escalated into physical violence. While the video doesn't show much, fans have already speculated that it was nothing more than another viral opportunity.

Mongeau posted about the incident on her Twitter. "Someone just threw a glass of champagne at Jake and I at the fucking altar holy fuck," she said. "Jana don't need no press. Wow. Just married. Honestly made it better."

Another angle from a bystander at the wedding showed more violence, with the culprit escorted out of the premises. 

On the day of the wedding, Jake Paul uploaded a video to his account titled "We're cancelling the wedding." The video title is revealed to be a joke within moments, however. It's unclear if the wedding or fight are legitimate, but Paul isn't exactly above doing whatever he can to get as many views as possible.