July 4th, of course, is celebrated nationwide for two reasons and two reasons only: the return of Stranger Things, and the remembrance of a little pop classic entitled Independence Day.

In that spirit of celebration, someone—an upstanding individual with exceptional taste, no doubt—started up a Twitter account for the sole purpose of presenting the events of the 1996 megaclassic in modern 2019 breaking news format.

For example, here's an alert regarding an impromptu Area 51 happening:

Fittingly, the @1996ID4 profile pic is one of Bill Pullman mid-greatness and notably not a photo that's in any way connected to the atrocious 2016 sequel that's so bad we won't even bother mentioning it here by name. 

Catch an excerpt of this tweeted meta brilliance below, including real-time updates on President Whitmore's address and an open call for flying-capable civilians to join the intergalactic protection effort.

The future of the Independence Day franchise, thanks in large part to the abject shittiness of that aforementioned sequel, presently looks less than great. Producer/writer Dean Devlin told LRM some things in March 2018 that would strongly suggest that any previous plans to move beyond that sequel have been effectively scrubbed from the agenda.

"I don't know, I don't know," Devlin said when asked about a third entry. "Currently, I personally have no plans on doing another one."

In lieu of a continuation, we can all stick to the annual habit of rewatching the 1996 original as if that unwisely Will Smithless follow-up never even happened.