Danny McBride, he of the revived Halloween franchise and the television milestone known as Eastbound & Down, stopped by one of Jimmy Kimmel's couches Wednesday night to share some anecdotes about moving from Los Angeles after two decades and placing himself among the noticeably different vibes of South Carolina.

After a few bits on fellow South Carolina fan Bill Murray and a play-by-play of a round of ancient shark teeth hunting he experienced with a new friend, McBride detailed an impromptu call he received from notable non-South Carolina resident Kanye West.

Per McBride, he got a call "out of nowhere" one day with a familiar voice on the other end. When that voice identified himself as Kanye West, McBride initially thought it was a joke but was quickly proven otherwise.

"He basically said that he was a fan of mine and wanted to come and hang out," McBride told Kimmel. "I think he thought I lived in Los Angeles and then I was like, 'No, I live in Charleston' and he was quiet for a minute [then] he was like, 'OK, I can go there too.' It was once again one of those situations where I'm being set up with another dude and I'm getting nervous about, like, what does Kanye like to do? What should I wear when Kanye gets here?"

The nature of West's visit, as it turns out, was a movie proposal that McBride doesn't exactly shoot down as still being a possibility for the future. "He had an idea for a project that I think was a pretty brilliant idea," he said. 'He wanted to do a movie about the story of his life and he wanted me to play him . . . I thought it was a cool enough idea that I was like, yeah, I would."

The ensuing hangout saw the two having "the most incredible afternoon" out on a boat discussing the idea, later wrapping up their mini-adventure by watching McBride's son play Fortnite. "So, yeah, you move to Charleston and then a lot of good things start happening," McBride said.

Anyway, here's some of that Eastbound & Down magic we know for a fact is heavily 'Ye-approved: