Anna Gunn has been telling anyone who cares to listen about the awful treatment she received from Breaking Bad fans since the show was on the air.

The actress who played Skyler White, the voice of reason who resisted as her husband devolved into a meth-making murderer, found that fans didn't take kindly to even the lightest pushback against Walter White's full blown descent into evil. Now that there's talk of a Breaking Bad movie, Gunn is revisiting the "extreme sexism" she faced from the online unwashed.

Gunn is about to stage a Tennessee Williams play in London's West End, but she took time to examine the rage that was directed her way over a character in an interview with the Evening Standard.  

“I feel like I came to understand what it was, which was just the undercurrent of extreme sexism. The idea of gender roles being so deeply ingrained — it was shocking to me," she said. "But I’m not sorry it happened, because it put me out on the other side going, ‘Huh, that’s really interesting.’ And I felt compelled to say something, not necessarily for myself, but for my daughters and other women. The vehemence of it, and the fact that it was allowed — it was the id gone wild.”

On the subject of the upcoming Breaking Bad movie, Gunn dodged the interviewer's ask for details. When Gunn was asked what she knows about the film, she stumbled over a non-answer. 

"A bit, yeah. A lot. A bit. I don’t know!” she said. “It’s gonna be really good."