For the longest time, fans of Pixar and Disney's Toy Story franchise were under the assumption that Woody was only known as Woody. It never occurred to many people that even though Buzz Lightyear has both a first and a last name, the movies only ever called Woody by his first name. Well it turns out, he does have a surname, even if it isn't exactly news.

In fact, Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich explained as such all the way back in 2009. "Woody's actual full name is 'Woody Pride,' and has been since the earliest days of developing the original Toy Story," he explained in a tweet that likely hurt the brains of Pixar fans.

Despite it's status as old news at this point, fans are still having their minds blow by the revelation ten years later.

Besides the obvious innuendo this might call to mind, it's clear that the films needed to do a better job of conveying Woody Pride's full name. Now, if only we could get a name for all of the aliens featured in the movies.

Regardless of the failings of Toy Story 4 in relaying this information to viewers, the film grossed $118 million on its opening weekend domestically. Pushed to $238 million with the worldwide debut weekend taken into consideration, too, that's a record for animated films. Unfortunately, it fell far below its initial expectations, as analysts predicted the fourth entry was set to gross between $140 and $160 million in the States.