Swamp Thing has been cancelled after just one episode. The DC Universe show following a CDC doctor learning the secrets of a Louisiana swamp aired one of its 10 episodes before the network announced that the show was done. 

The cancellation comes amid greater confusion about the future of the CW's DC Universe, which is up in the air, according to reports from Deadline. Despite the cancellation, all of Swamp Thing's 10 episodes will be on DC Universe. Episodes of the show will air on Friday and the finale will air on August 2. 

"DC Universe is being reevaluated following the completion of AT&T acquisition of Time Warner as WarnerMedia has put an emphasis on the launch of a new streaming platform," the website explained. "There have been questions how DC Universe fits into those plans."

io9 reports that Swamp Thing's cancellation might have come down to a governmental accounting error. The series was partially funded from North Carolina for filming in the state. Deadline later reported that talk of Swamp Thing being cancelled over a problem with tax credits from North Carolina wasn't exactly the case. Guy Gaster, director of the North Carolina film, said that “North Carolina’s budget discussions had nothing to do with Swamp Thing’s cancellation.” 

Obviously, fans were more than a little confused by the abrupt end of a well-reviewed series.