Nothing beats simultaneous social media postings of the vaguely mysterious variety, especially when it seemingly revolves around the imminent return of one of the most beloved TV dramas of all time.

Out of nowhere Tuesday, former Breaking Bad co-stars Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston both shared the exact same photo and caption on their respective Twitter and Instagram accounts. The takeaway message? Whatever they're teasing is, in fact, expected to be unveiled "soon."

While the meaning of this image remains up for debate, some strong theories and playful jokes have started rolling in, including one from Paul's The Path home Hulu.

Of course, this is almost certainly a signaling related to the previously announced (by way of THR sources) Breaking Bad sequel project that's said to be in the works with original network AMC and the binge giants over at Netflix. As relayed in February, the sequel centers on Paul's character Jesse Pinkman and will first be seen on the streaming platform before airing on AMC. Creator Vince Gilligan, who's kept plenty busy with spinoff Better Call Saul since BrBa closed up shop, penned the script and will also reportedly serve as director and executive producer. 

While Cranston hasn't outright said "I'm definitely in the Breaking Bad movie," he has entertained the possibility of Walter White playing a part via flashbacks or some other narrative trickery. If the final piece does indeed follow Jesse after the events of the Breaking Bad finale, then (and this constitutes a spoiler for anyone who's misguidedly avoided the show) that's the only realistic way in which the character could make an appearance.

At any rate, it's hard to imagine Cranston joining in the mule fun without some involvement. For now, let's all just remain tentatively stoked: