Grumpy Cat, beloved companion and celebrated internet personality, has died.

Grumpy Cat's family shared the news with fans early Friday, saying they were "unimaginably heartbroken." The seven-year-old cat's mother, Tabatha Bundesen, said she died earlier this week after complications related to a urinary tract infection.

"Besides being our baby and a cherished member of the family, Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile all around the world—even when times were tough," the statement reads. "Her spirit will continue to live on through her fans everywhere."

As longtime followers know, Grumpy Cat—real name Tardar Sauce—initially started amassing fans thanks to a Reddit post back in 2012. As the official Grumpy Cat site notes, some suggested that first viral photo was altered, prompting the release of a video and the amassing of even more fans. 

"Her petite size and famous face is likely due to feline dwarfism and her rear end wobbles a bit when she walks due to this; otherwise she is a perfect little kitty!" her family explained previously. "She is not a munchkin cat and was not bred purposefully from other munchkin cats."

Fans shared some of their favorite Grumpy Cat memories Friday, recalling a lifetime of bringing the kind of joy the internet used to be known for to millions of people.


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