Since catching the mainstream's attention with her breakout role in 2017's Girls Trip, Tiffany Haddish has quickly become one of the hardest working comedians in Hollywood. This busy schedule caught up with Haddish on New Year's Eve in Miami when she bombed in historic fashion leading to a viral moment. Although she continued on a successful tour despite the shaky start, people are still wondering what led to that moment. So, the comedian stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live!'s special Las Vegas show to explain herself.

"You ever had a bad day at work?" Haddish asked Kimmel and the audience. "New Year's Eve was just a bad day at work. See what had happen was—I don't know if you know this—but I had a bad day at work."

Haddish then went on to give Kimmel some insight on how busy her schedule became after reaching a new sphere of notoriety. She disclosed that she only had 40 days off in 2018 and of those 40 days she only got to sleep in her own "vibrating bed" 26 nights. Haddish explained that balancing this heavy workload with her personal life put a strain on her stand-up routine. 

"I get off set and I fly directly to Miami... the night before," Haddish said. "A lot of my friends were in town and they were like 'Tiffany come on we got to go out. Come on...' And you know how you got that one friend that can make you do things you don't necessarily want to do?... Have you seen the movie Pinocchio? Pinocchio is going to school and there's this little boy who's like 'Come on we're going to Fun Island. It's going to be fantastic...' Then they go to Fun Island and they turn into jackasses. That's me and my friend!"

That night of fun resulted in her now infamous stand-up set during which Haddish completely forgot her routine en route to getting booed off the stage. Since that night, Haddish has gone on to complete a well-received stand-up tour. As a result, she states that she intends to return to Miami to give the city the show they deserve.

"I'm going back this summer and I'm going to be doing a big show," Haddish said. "And anyone who has a ticket for New Year's Eve from that night they can get in for free if they present the ticket. If they don't have the ticket, it'll be like $20 and all the money that we do get from the show I'm going to donate to the Department of Children Services."