For the second straight week, the upcoming episode of Game of Thrones leaked hours prior to its premiere on HBO. A Twitter user pointed out that they were able to stream the still untitled second episode via Amazon Prime Video in Germany. 

The user also provided instructions on how to stream the episode, but Forbes says it has already been taken down.  

Variety reports that word of the leak first surfaced on Reddit where moderators are doing their part to prevent any spoilers regarding the second episode from getting out before the rest of the world has a chance to see it. However, once people on Twitter got their hands on the leaked episode, perusing for any new spoiler-free information has been far too dangerous, as we can confirm. So, go forth and search at your own risk. 

Despite Thrones' exhaustive efforts to prevent any Season 8 spoilers from getting out early, streaming services have proven to be the bane of the company's existence. Last week, DirecTV Now dropped the ball when it accidentally leaked the first episode upwards of four hours before the series premiere. 

The leak, however, didn't hinder ratings for the season premiere, which pulled in 17.4 million viewers through the network and its two streaming options: HBO GO and HBO NOW. It was the "largest night of streaming activity ever for HBO."