If 2019 has been short on anything, it's real news with tangible potential effects on all our day-to-day lives and the shape of this nation's history as we know it. We can now breathe easy, however, as Kate Beckinsale has seemingly spoken some words publicly about her Machine Gun Kelly-approved relationship with Pete Davidson.

Tucked into a new Los Angeles Times interview focused mostly on her Amazon series The Widow, Beckinsale offered some insight on how it feels to become gossip fodder and how said gossip affects her current relationship. Though Beckinsale doesn't mention Davidson by name, the article makes it clear he's the one being alluded to when answering a question about the "hubbub" as of late. 

"I'm surprised by the interest," Beckinsale said. "I've never been in this position before—never dated anybody who comes with their own bag of mischief. It's all quite shocking, and something to get used to. I think if you liked the person less, you would bow out of it. If that were the main thrust of the relationship, there would be a problem. But it's not."

Beckinsale went on to say that she'd prefer paparazzi refrain from camping outside her house. She also criticized the antiquated idea of meticulously covering a woman's dating life. "It's a little old fashioned to have a woman's personal life [looked at like that]," she said. "It's a little bit tired."

The Screen Actors Guild Awards nominee's The Widow performance has been praised as a believable portrayal of a grieving wife. She's also among the confirmed cast for Charlie Day's upcoming comedy El Tonto, which marks the It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia star's directorial debut.

Davidson, meanwhile, recently received high marks of his own for his turn in Sundance hit Big Time Adolescence alongside Kelly. In this month's Mötley Crüe biopic The Dirt, he again joins MGK, taking on the part of Elektra Records exec Tom Zutaut.