MTV Cribs—also known as simply Cribs and/or The Show That Occasionally Inspired Me to Clean My Room—is being revived overseas.

The Hollywood Reporter let it be known early Wednesday that Viacom's MTV is bringing back the brand's classic 2000s megahit in the U.K. 

"With its firmly cemented status as a cult hit program, Cribs remains one of the most-loved shows in MTV history," MTV U.K. VP Kelly Bradshaw said in a statement announcing the revival. "The new series is set to be warm and funny, giving MTV audiences a sneak peak [sic] into how their favorite stars live."

As you'll recall, MTV previously expanded the Cribs franchise to include a Snapchat original series back in 2016. This MTV U.K. rendition of Cribs appears to be more rooted in the show's original format, with current plans set for eight 30-minute episodes. Production will begin this spring ahead of an expected late 2019 premiere date.

During its initial MTV run that began in earnest back in 2000, Cribs gave viewers guided tours of everything from the misleadingly opulent (Ja Rule) to the somewhat modest (New Found Glory). A slate of guests for the new MTV U.K. edition hasn't been announced, but nostalgia industry speculation would point to the high possibility of some previous Cribs stars getting a check-up.

Stateside, MTV has been in the middle of some sort of revival fever. In the past two years alone, the network has reinstated Jersey Shore and resuscitated TRL. The latter, however, (seemingly?) said goodbye once more last year.