The Oscars have mostly been all smiles inside the theater. But one tense moment on the red carpet showed how things can quickly go a little sideways if stars feel like they're being made to dance for cameras. Lisa Bonet shut down red carpet reporter Ashley Graham when she literally tried to make Bonet's hubby Jason Momoa dance. 

Graham asked Momoa to do the haka, a traditional Maori dance that Momoa performed at the premiere of Aquaman as a nod to all of the bits of the New Zealand native culture that had been woven into the DC film. Though Momoa is not himself Maori, Bonet clearly saw something a little exploitative in the ask and jumped in to let Graham know that none of that was happening. 

She did convince Jason to yell for the camera, and you can see the "let's get this over with" in Bonet's stance as she nods through the rest of the interaction. 

Twitter picked up on Bonet's clear delineation of things we weren't about to do and ran with it, as per tradition.