Earlier today, the long-awaited trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home finally hit the internet. After breaking our hearts in Avengers: Infinity War, it was great to see Peter Parker in the flesh. Aunt May being so cool about Peter being Spider-Man might take some getting used to, but aside from seeing Jake Gyllenhaal take on Europe as Mysterio, the main thing everyone wants to know is if Tony Stark is alive.

I can understand the concern; during my press screening for Avengers: Infinity War, when (spoiler alert?) Thanos stabs Iron Man in the gut, someone in the theaters screamed "WHAT THE FUCK?!" People connected to Tony Stark in a way that's surprised me over the ten years since the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been in existence. During the Avengers: Endgame trailer, we see Tony out in space, recording what feels like his last testament to Pepper Potts before his resources are depleted and he becomes a frozen block out in the middle of space. It certainly feels like Tony Stark dies in Endgame, but can we truly be sure based on the Spider-Man: Far From Home teaser?

It's hard to say. Sure, in the teaser, there's a mention of Iron Man (and Thor) at the end, and Peter doesn't burst into tears...but what does that really mean? Not much. It's a teaser, meant to tease you. There's not much in the way of context for those off-hand remarks, aside from setting up that "dickwad" joke to close out the trailer. We're not even sure of when this film takes place, you know? Think about it: just because this will be released after Endgame doesn't mean that it takes place after Endgame. Hell, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was released three years after the first Guardians film, but in the MCU, takes place in the same year as the first film. Far From Home doesn't necessarily need to be a film that happens after the events of Endgame, or Infinity War for that matter, although it's been assumed and rumored that it does.

On the flipside, not seeing Iron Man in the first teaser for the film doesn't mean Iron Man is dead. While this film has set up a lot for the film in terms of introducing Mysterio and detailing what Peter's doing with Nick Fury overseas. Some are making a big deal about only seeing Happy in the film, as well as a check seemingly from Stark Industries with Pepper's signature, but there's an easy enough answer for that.

That said, who knows. Maybe Tony is dead. With Chris Evans' Captain America deal with Marvel Studios seemingly being done with Endgame, maybe RDJ has a similar deal? It's certainly been speculated that his contract's up with Endgame as well, and it'd make sense that Stark would survive Infinity War to be around to figure out how to reverse the Decimation, but then end up getting 86'd in the process. It makes for a great coda for the MCU, and is an easy way to squeeze out some subsequent melodrama for future Spider-Man films, including Far From Home (again, assuming this is set in a post-Endgame world).

No matter what the case may be, it's hard as hell to confirm ANYTHING about Iron Man's future based on this two-plus minute teaser for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which just means that Marvel (and Sony) knows how the game is played. Get those theories in now, though; who knows when the next sliver of information will fuck up our thoughts on this?

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