Few in life reach the same heights of general legendariness as Samuel L. Jackson, one of the many stars of M. Night Shyamalan's third entry in the Eastrail 177 series Glass.

Monday night, Jackson—who recently celebrated his 70th birthday with some DJing from Questlove—joined Fimmy Jallons and company on The Tonight Show to discuss working with Shyamalan again and the favorite characters he's portrayed. He also carved out some time to poetry slam the news with The Roots.

Asked to name his top characters, Jackson kicked off the ranking in reverse order with Nick Fury. Jackie Brown's Ordell Robbie, Pulp Fiction's Jules Winnfield, and Stephen from Django Unchained all tied for the next position. "I'd hate to, like, pull 'em apart," Jackson said of the three iconic Tarantino characters. Mace Windu (Star Wars) and Mitch Hennessy (The Long Kiss Goodnight) also made the cut.

Later, Fallon and Jackson engaged in some Glass talk:

"The performances are awesome," Jackson said of the movie, which arrives nearly two decades after the Jackson and Bruce Willis-starring Unbreakable. "James McAvoy is amazing. Dude's, like, in Split he played, what, like eight or nine guys? In this one. he plays, like, 15 of the 22 . . . To be in the room with him and just to sit there and watch him, there were times where I was acting with him and he's having an argument with six different characters. I'm sitting there jealous and kinda going 'Can I do that?'"

Glass is out Friday. In the meantime, enjoy this:


1969 vs 2019!! The attitude is prolly the same.#lifewasgoodthenandstillis

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