HBO has already dropped a preview of the final season of Game of Thrones. More trailers, like winter, are almost certainly coming. But if showrunners David Benioff and D.B. Weiss had their way, we'd go into the final season of GoT completely cold. 

They told Entertainment Weekly that they aren't the biggest fans of trailers, citing another known auteur.  

“[David Lynch] was saying he wished there were no trailers,” Benioff said. “And it’s true, you could just go into a movie and see something completely fresh.”

Weiss agreed, saying that they would rather people trust the reviews of their associates. Given the critical adoration and fan fervor that the series has built, they definitely could have the luxury of avoiding promo.

“I wish there were no trailers,” Weiss said. “I just want somebody to say, ‘Trust me, go see this.'”

With the secrecy around the final season, it's easy to see why Weiss and Benioff are so set against any potential trailers. Ultimately, it was another HBO show that brought them around. 

“We won’t though,” Weiss said. “Because then we went and saw Ready Player One with our kids and they played the Westworld trailer and it looked great. And we’re like, ‘Ah, we should do that.'” 

Game of Thrones dropped a short teaser before True Detective's season 3 premiere on Sunday. Although its simply the Starks visiting the Winterfell crypt, fans have gone wild with speculation and theorizing. Here's a bold prediction: There'll be more of that when a full trailer drops.