One of the many reasons Chrissy Teigen is such a queen is her ability to laugh at herself.

During NBC's televised New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square, the hosts on stage began sharing well wishes with one another after the clock struck midnight. Except instead of a hug, Teigen received an umbrella straight to the eyelid.

While celebrating alongside her co-host Leslie Jones, Teigen went in to embrace Jones when the rod on her umbrella caught Teigen's face as she was approaching. Teigen reacted accordingly by back bending her way out of the umbrella's reach and laughing about the mishap. Behind them was co-host Carson Daly who was toasting the crowd and completely missed the blooper. 

Twitter went into a frenzy once video of the umbrella setback circulated online, and some fans were not too kind to the mother-of-two. After a fan implicated that Tiegen deserved the umbrella to the face because she didn't know the difference between John Lennon and John Legend, the latter obviously being her husband, she hilariously shut him down. "hey ya fuckin idiot I think I know my husband isn’t john lennon," she wrote on Twitter. 

Leslie similarly took to Twitter to publicly apologize for the incident, however Chrissy responded with a photo of herself insisting that her eye is going to be just fine.

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