UPDATED 8:29 p.m. ET: There's still some hope. Kel Mitchell talked to TMZ about a potential Good Burger reboot and reiterated that "the conversations have already started."

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Though the latest round of Good Burger revival chatter may have convinced you that Nickelodeon and related Powers That Be were already making moves, that's (reportedly!) not the case.

Supposed sources told TMZ Tuesday that there's been "no movement" on a new movie or other return plans due to "so much turnover" at Nickelodeon. Dan Schneider, who co-wrote the 1997 movie's script, is also said to have previously pitched a Good Burger reunion to Nick but is no longer a part of the company. All told, there has reportedly been no "realistic conversation" about a Good Burger reunion of any kind.

The latest uptick in fan hunger for a continuation of Brian Robbins' 1997 movie (itself an adaptation of a popular All That recurring skit) is thanks to comments Kenan Thompson made during a recent interview with Andy Cohen. "We've been talking about it for a long time," he said. "We've had meetings about it, so it's in the higher powers' hands cause we've both said that we're down to do it."

Though nostalgia for nostalgia's sake is a very slippery slope, it's clear that interest in a Good Burger 2 (or however this shakes out) is there. Unfortunately, it seems the main setbacks in recent years have been completely beyond Thompson and Kel Mitchell's control.

Earlier this year, Mitchell also actually suggested that talks were further along than this latest report claims. "The conversations have started," he told BuzzFeed in March. "There's something in the water, everything's coming back. It will definitely be awesome and there was a meeting!"

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