The second trailer for Captain Marvel dropped on Monday, giving us a new opportunity to overanalyze all the ways Brie Larson’s titular character is going to shake up the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In the trailer we get a glimpse of Captain Marvel’s unparalleled powers, and also see why she decided to punch that old lady.

Larson looks so badass that fans are certain she’ll be able to destroy finger-snapping Thanos with ease. And apparently Thanos knows it too. There’s now a series of memes illustrating Thanos peacing out from his impending battle with the warrior hero.

Of course, not everyone is a believer.

Either way, this showdown is likely going to be some of the best onscreen action the MCU has ever seen. Captain Marvel hits theaters on March 8, 2019; Avengers 4 follows on May 3.

Check out some of the best Thanos-don’t-want-this-smoke memes below.