In the age of the Internet, Reddit has become a go-to spot for people seeking sweet anonymity and relationship advice. A wide cross-section of different people congregate at r/relationships, the Subreddit dedicated to troubleshooting all types of relationships—father to son, mother to daughter, sister to sister—but mostly romantic partnerships. 

On a voyeuristic level, r/relationships is the best soap opera serial in the world. On a deeper level, though, it's a peek into human psychology, modern love, and the ways we rationalize bad behavior, avoid difficult choices and search for validation.

As for the community's advice? Individual responses can be awful, of course. But this is an upvote community, and r/relationships usually arrives at a cumulative response that supports and affirms the original poster. The r/relationships Subreddit even shows tough love where appropriate.

Cancel your evening plans; you've got some heavy reading to do. Here are the 10 best r/relationships threads of all time.