On December 12, Adam Pally (Happy EndingsThe Mindy Project) stars in this hilarious 10-episode YouTube Premium series, CHAMPAIGN ILL. Today, we have the full trailer for you.

Pally, alongside Sam Richardson (VeepDetroiters) and Jay Pharoah (Saturday Night LiveRide Along) in a guest-starring role, play a rap crew who were at the height of their celebrity...until one of their crewmembers (Pharoah) passes away. Without their homie, their celebrity wanes, and hilarity ensues. The remaining members are forced to go back home to their less-than-glamourous former lifestyles. Shit gets real for them super fast, and they are forced to get out of their rut if they want to bounce back into their former lifestyles.

Pally's not the only star shining here; Sam Richardson, who's currently shooting the final season of HBO's Veep and will be seen opposite Melissa McCarthy in 2019's Superintelligence is front-and-center as well. This feels like a hilarious buddy comedy featuring two former stars working their way back to the top.

For fans of Happy Endings, the ABC sitcom which Pally starred in, you'll be happy to know that Happy Endings creator David Caspe not only wrote the pilot for CHAMPAIGN ILL alongside Daniel Libman, Matthew Libman, Jordan Cahan, who also serve as the series' executive producers.

Trying to peep this? All 10 episodes will be available on YouTube Premium on December 12. The only way you can watch is to subscribe to YouTube Premium, which is available worldwide for $11.99/month. With that subscription, you get access to all YouTube Originals series, ad-free YouTube viewing, and access to YouTube Music Premium. Check out the full CHAMPAIGN ILL trailer up above.