Director Antoine Fuqua is currently in talks to helm Infinite, an action thriller from Paramount, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

The film focuses on a group of almost-immortal men and women who, over centuries, are reincarnated and dubbed “the Infinite.” When a villain wants to destroy the planet, the group must warily rely on a schizophrenic man, who, in order to defeat the villain, must understand all his powerful dreams are really just memories from previous lives.

Fuqua is well-known for leading 2001’s Training Day and has become known for his action thrillers. He also directed Olympus Must Fall, as well as the remake of The Magnificent Seven. This year, he helmed the Denzel Washington-led action sequel The Equalizer 2, the first-ever sequel in Washington's long career. 

In the film, Washington reprises his role as Robert McCall from the 2014 original. Since the first film's events, McCall has been living the chill life of a Lyft driver—that is, until he sees some vigilante justice that needs to be served.

The Equalizer 2 was Fuqua and Washington’s fourth collaboration following The Equalizer, Training Day (for which Washington won an Oscar for Best Actor), and The Magnificent Seven.

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