This week marks both the 18th anniversary of Curb Your Enthusiasm'HBO debut and the 19th anniversary of the standup special that set it all in motion. To be honest, though, we don't need a tenuous peg to have a reason to celebrate LD the GOAT and his top ten all-time, infinitely influential sitcom around here.

Curb's impact is so casual, I think we sometimes forget just how much of its vocabulary has proliferated contemporary culture, to say nothing of how many social behaviors and practices it gave sticky catchphrase life to. Granted, the last one or two seasons of the show are slightly hindered by Larry and his co-writers' own self-awareness and subsequent forced attempts to add new additions to the oeuvre (word to "the accidental text on purpose"). Still, from the everyday practices LD made a glossary for to the terms that have no real practicality outside of the show but are still hilarious nonetheless ("You Bucknered it!"), the Curb universe is one rich with references you probably don't even remember fully.

To that end, for no better reason than loving the show, missing the show (season 10 where you at??), and having it on a loop all day in the office last week, Complex presents: The Complete Curb Your Enthusiasm Encyclopedia.