The Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson post-break up coverage continues. Over the weekend, Davidson made his first public comments about the split during a comedy routine, after Grande said goodbye to social media last week.

The couple likely needs privacy and time to recover following the heartbreaking event, but the gossip circuit runs 24/7 baby and we’ve yet to be released from the gravitational pull of this former power couple. The latest news comes from TMZ, which reports that despite the couple’s engagement in June, the two never began planning their wedding. Page Six contradicts that report, writing “a source close to the couple told Page Six that there were preliminary conversations regarding their big day.”

Either way, any sort of wedding day plans between Davidson and Grande were likely nascent and hardly concrete, so perhaps we shouldn’t be so shocked that the engagement was called off so swiftly. Grande's new album released in August, and whatever it is Pete does when SNL isn’t in season, probably kept the two celebs too busy to plan their big day, so really, this bit of news doesn’t tell us anything.

Davidson performed over the weekend at his Judd & Pete for America event, which he co-hosted Judd Apatow for the political group Swing Left. During the performance he made the first public comments about the break up since it was first reported on Oct. 14.

"Well, as you can tell, I don’t want to be here. There’s a lot going on," Davidson joked. "Anybody have any open rooms? Anybody looking for a roommate?"

A few days earlier, Ariana decided to say "bye bye to the internet for jus a lil bit,” as she recovers from the break up, the death of Mac Miller, and everything else the pop singer has gone on in the past two years.

Grande already returned her expensive, custom engagement ring, and kept her pig. She was spotted on a necessary shopping spree this weekend, and wore a band-aid covering her tattoo of Davidson's name last week while performing for a taped portion of NBC's upcoming Wicked special.