Nintendo has the guts to follow their convictions; they set the trends instead of following them. And though this fortitude is integral to who they are, it's led to nearly as many setbacks as it has successes. For every Super Nintendo, there is a Virtual Boy. For every Wii, there is a Wii U.

Nintendo players largely tolerate these inconsistencies. The company has built up an unprecedented amount of goodwill; Mario, Link, Samus, and Donkey Kong are icons, and the kids who grew up with the original NES system are now raising families of their own. Nintendo is mainstream, and their latest console, the Nintendo Switch, is built for mainstream demands. It's another in a long line of company gambles that's paid off magnificently.

The Switch is a hybrid console. Separated from its dock, it's a handheld that can be played on the go. Connected to the dock, it's a home console for the living room. No longer do consumers need to choose between one or the other, or buy similar games for both. The Switch is a one-stop shop for both types of gamers—especially young adults who want to maximize their time.

The numbers speak for themselves: the Nintendo Switch has sold close to 20 million units as of June 2018, and that success is likely to continue. Here are 10 upcoming Nintendo Switch games to watch out for over the next three months. Some are first-party titles, with the customary Nintendo polish; some are third-party titles with a scrappy appeal, or ports of top games from other consoles. One of them is a small-time indie title that may end up stealing the show from the heavy hitters.