As reported last week, Sam Esmail's excellent Mr. Robot is pulling a Costanza

Instead of sullying its legacy by possibly overextending itself into double-digit seasons, the critically acclaimed USA series will sign off with a supersized fourth season next year. As star Rami Malek explained on Tuesday's Jimmy Kimmel Live, bringing the series to an end—though bittersweet—was the right move.

"That's a character that I hold so deeply in my heart," Malek, who will next be seen as Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, told Kimmel. "It'll be hard to walk away from Elliot, but I agree, it's nice to walk away on a high note and the studio would love for us to continue but . . . I knew it was gonna be four or five seasons."

As for how Esmail is planning to bring Elliot's journey to an end, Malek said he's been tuned into a portion of the creator's endgame since Season 1. "Some of it I do know," he said. "I don't know all of it . . . I knew as much in the beginning as I know now, which is quite a bit." From what he does know, Malek added, the series finale will give fans "a great way to wrap up the story."

Esmail made the Season 4 announcement last week in an email to the Hollywood Reporter, thanking fans and staff for helping him bring his years-long vision to a conclusion. "Everyone on the creative team, including the amazing people at USA and UCP, didn't want to say goodbye, but we ultimately have too much respect for Elliot's journey to extend past its inevitable ending," he said.