Jimmy Fallon’s cocktail game Drinko is not for the faint of stomach, unlike its much more wonderful Price Is Right inspiration Plinko. The Tonight Show host brought in Ryan Reynolds to showcase his new gin company Aviation, mixing it with the otherwise disgusting combos the game concocts with ingredients like blood, clam juice, bone broth, and more.

Reynolds took the first drink, a mix of Twinkies and grape soda, like a champ. “It's like 90 percent of my child's diet," he joked.  

But one combo, Twinkies and horseradish, did not bode well with Fallon, who later threw up the mix on air. "You barfed up your whole childhood," the Deadpool star teased.


Afterward, Reynolds managed to stomach a truly gruesome mixture of bone broth, bacon, egg, cheese,"blood," and kombucha.

Reynolds became the co-owner of Aviation Gin earlier this year. That venture requires the actor to set up typical out-of-office emails from time to time when he's busy dressing up as the Merc. For the show, he set up a very special email fans could receive if they emailed him at ryan@aviationgin.com. “In the vicinity of 30 Rockefeller Center. Somewhere on the 7th floor. In studio 6B. Sitting on a gray chair. Lost in the eyes of Dreamy McDreamboat," the auto-reply reads. 

Check out that clip below.

Reynolds also takes time on the show to share his original plot idea for Deadpool 2. “For the sequel,” he explained. “The whole story of the movie would be Deadpool trying to steal the big red chair from The Voice.” Watch it below.