Insecure is famous for reflecting real life for the culture. And the latest episode, "Familiar-Like," is no different as they parodied the famous Chris Brown shooting incident.

For those who don't know, three years ago Breezy performed at a nightclub in San Jose, California. While he was on stage with his entourage, Brown thought a group of people were engaging in a dance battle. "Oh them niggas gettin' it in over there," he says with a smile. But soon after gunshots erupt and he realized it was not a dance battle. Brown's team rushes to protect him as the proud smile he had quickly went away. Five people were injured.

In Insecure's second episode of its third season, the moment is echoed with a fictional rapper on the come-up, Spyder. Although Spyder was in the VIP section instead of on stage, the similarities were hard to miss. And naturally, it was the talk of Twitter.

Brown hasn't publicly reacted to the episode but he has been quite active on Instagram as of late. Earlier today, he posted a photo with a simple message: "I like people who don't need everyone to like them."