The stories of Bill Murray out in the wild have ranged from delightful to remarkably weird, but sometimes they take a bit of a more unfortunate turn. Photographer Peter Simon has alleged that the 67-year-old actor slammed him against a door at a Martha's Vineyard restaurant, according to the Boston Globe.

While taking pictures of a band for the Martha's Vineyard Times, Simon says Murray "accosted him" and treated him "like the scum of the earth." Simon says that Murray threatened bodily harm, stating that Murray was so angry with him that he "look[ed] like he was ready to strangle me." Simon says that he never attempted to photograph Murray, although the owner of the restaurant, Katherine Domitrovich, told police that Simon had "no business photographing anyone in the restaurant and was generally annoying."

Simon said Domitrovich's statement was "a complete lie." Domitrovich told police she thought Simon had specifically come to the restaurant to take a picture of Murray, although Simon says he didn't even recognize him at first. "He doesn't look anything like he used to look," explained Simon.

Murray reportedly slammed Simon against a door and threatened to harm him, to which Simon responded, "Do you know who I am?" Murray retorted by simply repeating the question. Following the interaction, Simon said the actor came over to his table and poured a glass of water on both him and his camera. Murray told police at the scene that the photographer was "taking pictures of him and harassing him while he was quietly minding his business." The police reports says Murray was "visibly upset."

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