The rise and fall of the video vixen era will be explored in a new three-part docuseries from BET.

VIXEN, featuring talks with video directors including Dr. Teeth and Director X, is built on a series of extremely candid discussions with a variety of stars of a hip-hop era nearly gone by. During Karrine Steffans' interview, for example, the Confessions of a Video Vixen author noted the brevity of her time in the music video industry. Though she left the business in less than a year, Steffans explained, her impact was felt. "I did videos for a year, actually less than a year," she said. "That's it. It was less than a year but I’m the most memorable video girl there ever was."

VIXEN will also include appearances by Gloria Velez, Melyssa Ford, Yaris Sanchez, Buffie the Body, and more. In the bonus clip above, Buffie outlined her on-set experiences and the reverberations her career had on the history of both this relic of an era and pop culture at large. "A couple of the people at the magazines were like, 'You know you're the one who started this whole thing with this big butt, right?'" she said.

Above, catch the Complex-premiered trailer for VIXEN. The series kicks off July 10 via, the official BET YouTube channel, and the BET Now app.