50 Cent and Enzo Amore have taken aim at Michael B. Jordan and Sylvester Stallone.

Wait … what?

On Thursday night, Real1 posted an Instagram video in which he and 50 called out Jordan and Sly, as well as their fictional characters from Creed: Adonis Johnson and Rocky Balboa, respectively.

“Adonis, your father’s a bitch. How you feel about them apples, huh?” Amore says in the clip as 50 hypes him up. “Come on, kid. One, two. One, two. Drop you like a deuce. […] You don’t want that smoke. [...] I want all that smoke.”

From the one-liners and enthusiastic footwork, we have to admit that the clip is mildly entertaining; however, we have to ask: What exactly is going on here?

Our first thought is that 50 and Amore are simply trolling their fans, as well as Jordan and Stallone, by generating some fake beef. It's definitely possible—but, again, why?

Our best guess is that it was some kind of promotion for Amore’s new “Bury Me a G” music video, which was released by WorldStarHipHop on Thursday. If this is the case, then we have to hand it to the former pro wrestler: This stunt actually worked.

You can check out the “Bury Me a G” visual below.