Yara Shahidi might be the biggest Hamilton fan.

The Grown-ish star stopped by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Monday night and revealed the extent of her fandom. "I'm the reason that anybody on set listens to the Hamilton soundtrack," she shared.

Even when she met Riz Ahmed during the Rogue One premiere, she couldn't help but to gush over his verse in "Immigrants" off of the Hamilton mixtape. "All points of reference comes from the Hamilton soundtrack and/or mixtape," she said. Shahidi even met Hamilton creator himself, Lin-Manuel Miranda, and got the most epic compliment from him.

But Shahidi doesn't just talk the talk, she can rap the rap. After she told Fallon her favorite song is "Cabinet Battle #1"—she made her brothers memorize the lyrics so they could battle—the host asked Shahidi to rap it for the show. And she did, perfectly, starting around the 01:45 mark up top.

Fallon also brought Shahidi's mother, Keri Shahidi, onto the show for a game. In it, the two were asked a questions about each other to see if they come up with the right answer.

It turns out they're majorly in sync. Keri's most-used word? Homegirl and/or homeboy. Shahidi's one "desert island album"? Frank Ocean's Blonde. For the celebrity Yara's mom would want her to date, Yara asked if she could "platonically date James Baldwin" while her mom wrote "any celebrity concerned about the environment, sociopolitical climate, and loves your mom." Close enough.