Sterling K. Brown dropped by The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and showed that he can shake it like no one else. 

During a game of Dance Battle, Jimmy Fallon challenged the This is Us star to a dance off and brought out Atlanta's Brian Tyree Henry as a surprise guest and participant. In the Fallon dance game, a "dance move generator" randomly selected the name of a move that one of the three men would have to make up on the spot. The Television Gods must have been looking down upon us when the first move selected was "I Lost Control of My Butt" and Brown was the one who had to perform. After the way that booty moved, Brown can safely add "Twerk Expert" above "Emmy Winning Actor" on his resume.

Fallon tried to follow up with his tearful (literally) interpretation of "I Just Watched This Is Us and Now I’m at the Club" and it simply could not compete. Henry pulled out some classic moves with "Dad Gets Turnt," which included every go-to move of an overly excited parent after two glasses of Chardonnay.

The segment ended with "The B.T.H. Shuffle" or "The Brian Tyree Henry Shuffle," a much more entertaining if not slightly complicated version of "The Cupid Shuffle" the three men performed until Fallon couldn't keep up with Brown and Henry. 

Brown stars in Predator 4, the latest film in the Predator franchise, which will hit theaters on September 14.