Tina Fey made her return to the Saturday Night Live stage for her sixth time hosting the show. Before getting into the show, the actress acknowledged her birthday.

"I realize its been 20 years since I started working here," she recalled. "Yesterday was my birthday. I turned 60, not really, but I say that so people can tell me I look good."

In honor of her birthday, Fey decided to take some questions from the audience. First up was Jerry Seinfield, who asked: "Do you think the show has too many celebrity cameos these days?" To which Fey responded, "I agree, I think that hurts the show a little bit."

Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Dr. Strange in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, asked to replace Kenan Thompson. After that, Chris Rock decides to pass on his question.

Robert De Niro, who played Robert Mueller in the opening skit, also asked a question and Anne Hathaway was just shocked to see him in the audience.

Donald Glover left his hat, and even Tracy Morgan popped up for a cameo at the end of the monologue.

Fey may be one of the most influential and successful SNL alums to date. She began her career on the show in 1997 as a staff writer. In 1999, she was promoted to head writer and became the first woman to hold that title on Saturday Night Live. In 2000, Fey finally began appearing on the show regularly alongside Jimmy Fallon as co-host for "Weekend Update." She left SNL in 2006 for her own show, 30 Rockwhich unfortunately will likely not get the reboot treatment anytime soon.

Fey's last appearance on SNL was back in February during the episode host by Natalie Portman. The episode aired the night before the Superbowl and Fey parodied Eagles fans in a colonial-themed sketch. Fey has not been back to host the show since December 2015.

This episode was the last for season 43 of SNL.