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Super Bowl LII will not only pit the last two remaining NFL teams against each other but also bring out two legions of fans that aren’t exactly beloved in NFL circles. Saturday Night Live featured both Natalie Portman and SNL alum Tina Fey in a sketch that traced both teams’ fan bases back to colonial times.

Portman, who also handled hosting duties, led a group of Patriots fans still enjoying a Bunker Hill win.

“Dynasty, that’s the word you’re lookin’ for,” Portman’s character said. “Dynasty!”

The premise of the sketch worked primarily because one particular gripe about Pats fans could apply in the 1700s or today.

“I recognize New England wins battles, but must they be so obnoxious about it?” one neutral colonist character asked.

Eagles fans weren’t spared either.

“We crossed many waters up the Schuylkill River to give all you a message,” Fey’s character said. “Philly is mad strong—from the little babies all the way up to the mom-moms and pop-pops—we’s ready to fight!”

Philadelphia boasts a fan base that cheered for injuries to opposing players from other teams, and necessitated a courtroom and jail on the same property as their old stadium.

And Pats fans can claim Mark Wahlberg’s potty-mouthed kid, a perceived persecution complex, and “Deflategate” truthers as two of the reasons  sports columnists keep writing columns with titles like “Patriots Have Become Worst Fan Base in the NFL.”

Catch the “Revolutionary War” sketch featuring both Portman and Fey above, courtesy of SNL.