John Henry, an upcoming "dramatic thriller" from director Will Forbes, has tapped Ludacris and Terry Crews as its leads.

The film, co-penned by Doug Skinner (The Regard of Flight) and Forbes, is described by Deadline as a "modern retelling of the folklore." Crews is set to play the title character, who's ditched his violent past for a more tranquil Los Angeles existence. When he meets two kids who are being tracked by his former gang leader, played by Luda, Crews' character is forced to confront the life he's tried to leave behind. The film will mark Forbes' directorial debut. A release date has not yet been announced.

Luda's most recent film was this month's Show Dogs, a family comedy centered on an undercover canine cop who, well, what does the plot really matter beyond that? Dogs have time and time again proven to be unparalleled thespians. The Fast & Furious star was also recently tasked with denying that he and Tyrese were offered a spin-off of the popular franchise. "That's my brother, so sometimes when he puts things out there, it's okay for me to just, you know, retract certain statements and give it from my perspective and state the facts," Luda explained on the Breakfast Club back in February.

Crews—who's become an unexpected face of the #MeToo movement—will continue to star in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, which, despite a brief and confounding cancelation at the hands of Fox, will make its return to TV by way of NBC with 13 new episodes later this year.