The white woman who called the police on a black family that was barbecuing in an Oakland lakeside park made a brief cameo in the season finale of Saturday Night Live

At the end of Weekend Update, after Colin Jost and Michael Che went through a series of jokes "that were deemed too offensive to do on air," Aidy Bryant popped out in character as the woman. Bryant walked in front of the Update desk, with a cell phone up to her ear, a huge frown on her face, and sneered at the camera. She popped up again during the cast's traditional farewell at the end of the episode.

The woman of topic called the police on a black family and complained they were not supposed to be using a charcoal barbecue in the area of the park the family was in. Earlier this month, KRON 4 News shared video footage of the women explaining that using charcoal in that area takes "extra money from our city to do things when children get injured because of improperly disposed [of] coals." 

Kenzie Smith, the man who set up the grill, explained the woman began to harass him and his family. "She said that we were trespassing, we were not welcome, and then she turned back around and said, 'Ya'll going to jail,'" he said. 

Police did show up to take statements from each party and the women had a visible meltdown when speaking with them.

The video has since gone viral and inspired some of the greatest memes we have seen so far in 2018, so at least we have that.