Timothée Chalamet skyrocketed to fame with his role in Call Me By Your Name.

Now, the young actor has tons of fans and loyal minions on Twitter. So, when Chalamet playfully clapped back at one of John Mulaney’s jokes about him on Seth Rogen’s Hilarity for Charity, he caused quite the the social media frenzy. The tweetstorm started brewing when a fan asked Chalamet​ if he’d caught the bit, where Mulaney laments his wife’s obsession with the “kid” actor. Chalamet​ tweeted back, “yes, I watched it from the gas station,” and that’s when fans went nuts.

The gas station quip is a reference to the getup Chalamet​ decided to wear to the Spirit Awards, which so happened to be hosted by Mulaney and fellow comedian Nick Kroll. The look had already been the subject of many a tweet, but Chalamet​’s self-effacing joke revived the twitterade and gave it new fervor. Fans weighed in with their own photoshopped looks of the actor working at a gas station. Lolz. Mulaney also followed up, clarifying that he meant no disrespect and is actually a huge fan. (But honestly, who isn’t?) Peep the meme madness below.