April Fools' Day always brings out the pranksters and comedians trying to fool the masses for a laugh and while some gags are as simple as Anthony Davis pretending to shave off his unibrow, others re-animate fan favorite television programming into bizarre iterations. The latter is exactly what happened Sunday night with Adult Swim's hit series Rick and Morty.

As April Fools' Day came to a close, the channel aired a message telling its viewers to go to its website. Once there, fans of the time-traveling mad scientist grandfather and his slightly less intelligent grandson were greeted with a new episode of their beloved show, sort of.

What they actually were treated to was a 10-minute spoof written and directed by Michael Cusack called Bushworld Adventures. To be frank, it's fairly disturbing. The trippy art is far from your usual Rick and Morty style with characters only bearing some resemblance to their legitimate counterparts. The short captures the maniacal rambling and depressed groaning of the real duo, but takes all of the not-so-great aspects of the characters' relationship and cranks them up to 11. 

In one instance, Rick points a gun at Morty's head while shouting curses at him as they drive down the road. There are also callbacks to memorable scenes from the series, like "Pickle Rick," spoofed when the Uncle Barry character transforms into a pick-up truck.

While some fans appreciated the new Rick and Morty content as they eagerly await the premiere of the fourth season, others simply wish that's what they received instead of this awkward, at times uncomfortable parody. After all, that is what the show's creators Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland did last year when they premiered episode one of the third season, the one that contains the now-infamous scene of Rick viciously proclaiming his love for McDonald's Szechuan sauce, which triggered a cult following for the then-discontinued condiment.

While fans remain hopeful, current word from the creators is that a fourth season is currently not being worked on, meaning that it could be some time before season 4 finally hits. Anyone who has yet to watch the bizarre Bushworld Adventures interpretation of Rick and Morty can do so below.