Comic: Captain America #186
Year: June 1975

DC isn't the only offender; Marvel's done some shady shit when it comes to black people, too. Sam Wilson, better known as Falcon, debuted in September of 1969 as an equal to Captain America. In fact, years later, Falcon would be Captain America. He's one of the few black heroes who doesn't have "Black" in his name (props to you, Stan Lee), but that didn't stop Steve Englehart from rewriting Falcon's history when he took over the series. He took the Harlemite social worker who has a way with birds and gave him a phase as "Snap" Wilson, relocating him to Los Angeles and making him operate on the shadier side of the law.

While it's never actually stated that Falcon was a pimp at any time in his life, he was no doubt working for the mob. This means he could have been robbing people, beating people, setting fires, shaking down businesses, and, ultimately, killing people. Even if he wasn't a whole pimp, why the hell did Sam Wilson's backstory have to retcon him as a thug? I'll let you answer that yourself.