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Jon Hamm decided to switch it up in an interview on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Instead of the usual routine, where the late-night host introduces and invites the guest to join him for an interview, Hamm decided to interrupt Fallon's monologue...and pretend to be his high school English teacher around the 3:55 mark.

"I'm just someone who believes in you," he says before the infamous sitcom "special moment" music (with the help of The Roots) comes on as Hamm sports hair like Boy Meets World's Mr. Turner. "It might sound corny but I also believe that there's something even cooler than making lame bets on the world around you. It's going all in on what's in here." (He points to his mind.) He continues to give some other picker-uppers, complete with a chair to bend his knee on.

It turns out that Hamm had the experience to draw from as well. In the traditional interview (below) around the 2:43 mark, Hamm shared that he used to be a daycare teacher in college where he "wrangled five-year-olds everywhere." Then later, he went back to his old high school in St. Louis, Missouri to teach under his former instructor. But it turns out that most of his eighth-grade boys weren't interested in an improv class.

"Eighth-grade boys are a rough existence," he said. "Teaching acting and improv to eighth graders is a challenge." But he found one solution exercise: "Play the quiet game. Everyone act like a tree and I'm going to leave." Ha! That's one way to teach.