Dan Akroyd told TMZ that the actor’s idea for a women-led Blues Brothers movie called Soul Sisters is written and ready for the big screen. Apparently all that's missing is studio approval and the financiers to agree. The funny part of all this is Akroyd’s reaction to the camera man’s pitch to have Cardi B and Tiffany Haddish star as the eponymous duo.

“I like it, I like it,” said Akroyd. “Yeah come on, hey, get me some producers, you know what I mean?” When asked if the actor was serious about his rumored Soul Sisters reboot project, he confidently confirmed that its prepped and waiting for a studio to greenlight it. “It’s all up there! it’s all up there. It’s sitting on five desks in town.”

It was surprising to hear Akroyd so excitedly agree to the idea of casting Tiffany Haddish and Cardi B as the eponymous duo—because, let’s face it, Dan Akroyd is probably not as in-tune with the current landscape of rap and up-and-coming actresses. “I’m gonna found out who manages them right away!” Akroyd said. “That’s my next call.” 

Fortunately for the TMZ reporter on the scene who asked the actor for a executive producer credit on the project, Akroyd didn’t have any qualms. “You got it, man. We’ll get that made, you’re in.” 

Now, let’s stop wasting any more time here and get this movie made. How dope would it be to have Cardi and Haddish wearing sunglasses, running from the cops, cracking jokes and playing off each other’s personalities? Even if the script needs complete revamping, should the two actually get attached to the project, it would be well worth it—get a strong comedic writer attached, a solid workman director, and make Soul Sisters the biggest women-led movie of all time. Make it happen, 2018.