In a new video for Elle, Kim Kardashian plays the role of editor as she reviews and fixes headlines involving everyone from herself to Kanye West to her mom Kris Jenner. The clip starts with Kim unleashing a profanity-laced reaction to the Get Out references pertaining to Kanye. Clearly, she's well aware of those jokes. 

When addressing a headline suggesting that her son Saint is a genius because at the age of two, he was able to spell gargantuan, the proud mom didn’t dispute the report, adding that it was the first word he ever spelled. However, Kim did take issue with a publication using the word “chubby” to describe a 22-year-old Kris Jenner.

Borrowing from her own tweet where she suggested that they use something like “beautiful,” “youthful” or “stunning,” Kardashian revamped the entire headline to say “OMG! Stunningly beautiful, youthful Kris Jenner models in never-before-seen shots.”

At one point, Kim revealed that Kanye does in fact send her “inspirational emails” with items ranging from what’s trending to home decor to vacation spots. Another thing that becomes increasingly clear when you see the video is that Kim Kardashian doesn’t always keep up with what’s going with her family’s business ventures, and she refuses to speak on their personal lives. 

Check out the video above to see which other headlines she would fix, and the ones that just need a bit of a touch up.