If Deadpool could play any game, it would probably be Cards Against Humanity. The hero is just as dark and disturbingly humorous as the game itself and would most likely have all the best answers. Now, a new game will offer the perfect blend of the two best messed-up-but-hilarious things on the market.

As Entertainment Weekly reports, the adult party game Deadpool vs. the World is a sharp and funny take on the character's wit, laid out in a fun multi-player card game. The deck consists of 100 custom illustrations on cards broken down into two categories—"WTF?" and "Caption." The caption cards are wet-erase, and each turn will see players filling in the blanks with pens that come with the game to cook up the best possible phrases.

Of course, just like Cards Against, the point is to steer away from the safest or most obvious responses and go for the ones that will be funniest. "Winning requires players to tread outside of their comfort zone and fill in the blanks of cards that elicit inappropriate responses, ensuring outcomes of surprise, shock, and outbursts of laughter," the game's manufacturer USAopoly explains.

The game will be available this summer, likely coinciding with or following the release of Deadpool 2, which hits theaters on May 18.