Of all the oddest things you can do with photo editing software, adding bulging muscles to reality star Kim Kardashian has to fall somewhere in the top ten. As spotted by Daily Dot, the newest meme to sweep Twitter, and probably beyond, is buff Kim Kardashian—​or Gym Kardashian as some have dubbed it.

The KUWTK star has already given us so much meme-worthy content work, with her crying face probably being the very best of them. But what if the entertainment mogul could, let's say, lift 250 lbs? That's the world Twitter user @jaypaulgeorge has thrown us into when the meme started circulating with a photo set of his three edited images of the star.

More combinations of the photos started to spread across Twitter, along with hilarious captions. It's possible the meme is a riff on Kim's real-life fitness journey, working out with a new celebrity trainer on her quest to be the fittest of them all. Enjoy the best examples below.