Following Thursday's news that Joss Whedon will no longer be involved in writing, directing, or producing DC and Warner Brothers' Batgirl movie, rumors and possibilities are bubbling up all over the place. For one, Marvel's Black Panther: World of Wakanda writer Roxane Gay has expressed interest in picking up where Whedon left off. Then there's Nightwing director Chris McKay having to confirm his commitment to his project after reports surfaced that he’s in talks to direct Dungeons & Dragons.

Let’s start with Batgirl. Whedon announced Thursday in a statement that he just “really didn't have a story” for the movie, despite signing on to write, direct, and produce it back in March 2017. In his own words, he “failed.” The now-empty director’s chair seemed like a prime spot for Warner Bros. to fill with a woman: after Patty Jenkins’ blockbuster success with Wonder Woman, there are honestly no good reasons to not let a woman be in charge of a female-centric storyline.


Merely hours after Whedon’s announcement, Gay, the New York Times best-selling writer, professor, feminist, and all-around badass, floated the idea that she would be more than happy to jump on the project. Gay is no stranger to superhero fare, having become in 2016 the first black female writer to lead a Marvel title. If the possibility of a Gay-written Batgirl made your stomach erupt in butterflies like mine did, you’ll probably need to lie down to see who saw and replied to Gay’s tweet: Michelle Wells, vice president of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment.

While those two figure something out behind the scenes, our attentions turn to Nightwing, a project DC green-lit back in February 2017 and has had Chris McKay’s name attached to direct since then. McKay, who is fresh from directing The Lego Batman Movie and producing The Lego Movie, made headlines within hours of Whedon when Variety reported McKay was in negotiations to direct the long-awaited Dungeons & Dragons.

Understandably, anyone excited for Nightwing scratched their heads: is that still on? Despite the rumors, McKay confirmed that you (or Warner Bros.) would have to rip the Nightwing project from his hands, because he’s not letting that one go. I mean, the guy’s Twitter picture is of Nightwing, a.k.a the original Robin—it at least seems like he’s still excited to be at the head of that movie.

That said, there are still scant details on the project, although in December McKay promised more details around February. Just for the record, there are five days left in February 2018. Just for the record.