Michael Bay, the guy responsible for providing the world with an everlasting supply of Transformers movies, might be tapped to direct his first-ever superhero movie: DC's Lobo. According to The Wrap, DC and Warner Bros. hope that Lobo will be their answer to Marvel’s Deadpool.

Lobo is a blue 7-foot-tall muscled alien antihero type who works as a space mercenary and bounty hunter in his comics. In the ‘90s, the character enjoyed a kind of revival after he was recast as a biker, and became popular with fans. He invents swear words like “bastich.” Screencrush described Lobo’s aesthetic as “outlandishly macho images of dudes with gigantic muscles and even bigger guns, blasting people and things and animals while cracking jokes.”

A Lobo movie has been in development at Warner since 2009. Back then, Guy Ritchie was hired to direct the movie with a screenplay from Don Payne that saw Lobo landing on Earth to search for four fugitives. Since then, though, the script has evolved, and Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs is currently working on a script. The Wrap reports that Bay met with DC and gave Fuchs some notes that he will use in a rewrite of his Lobo screenplay. The studio allegedly hopes that the rewritten script will entice Bay to sign on for the project.

Bay’s directing style has received many, many hits; suffice to say, Bay knows no such thing as nuance or delicacy, and as such he is not exactly universally loved. In other words, all his movies all have a distinct style (so distinct, in fact, that he has a custom video camera named after him, the “Bayhem”). Besides the Transformers movies, he’s directed Armageddon, Pearl Harbor, and the “teenage boy” ready 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi. Then again, at least one person has noted that the Lobo aesthetic might be perfect for a guy like Michael Bay.

As expected, initial reactions from fans were mixed.